The single biggest investment most people make, is their home, whether you're furnishing a striking contemporary new house or a period home, LE-AL has the skills and experience to manufacture bespoke furniture to the highest quality which will complement and enhance your home.
LE-AL is one of the few remaining manufacturers of fine furniture in the UK and we are proud to be able to say that all our furniture is manufactured to every customers specification within our factory located in Stockport.

Our woodworking, cabinet making and polishing heritage have stood the test of time. Our design team are practiced at working with you and your interior consultants to meet the most demanding specifications utilising a broad range of construction materials.

Choosing the right furniture for a dining room, lounge, library, study, home office or bedroom which blends with their décor, lighting and soft furnishings whilst making maximum use of the size and shape available floor space is a crucial element in which customers want to be involved in. Putting their 'personal mark' into these rooms combining comfort and functionality with good taste and outstanding style guarantees our customers receive a truly bespoke product.

Because LE-AL's people are accomplished furniture makers, every one of our customers can be assured that we can meet their requirements down to the finest detail. We really can make anything you want.

Often our customers engage the services of creative consultants to produce inspiring designs together with suggesting materials and finishes and of course décor and colour co-ordination. The LE-AL design team is happy to work with the customer and their consultants to meet precise specifications for both fitted and stand-alone pieces to help create the most elegant and impressive bespoke furniture.

It's not just about looking good, it's also about making your furniture to last and remain comfortable for many years. LE-AL doesn't make metal framed chairs! All our sofas have solid wooden frames and chair frames can be formed from Beech, Maple, Mahogany and Oak or a selection of other woods. We have a huge range of chair and sofa designs which can be manufactured with any one of literally thousands of leathers and fabrics ensuring a truly bespoke product for the customer.

Our highly experienced team are always available to guide you through the selection process ensuring your piece of furniture is produced to your specific requirements.